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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hello guys,

I understood that the previous theme was to dark and not beautiful… As that you probably get tired of reading the blog.
That’s why I’m happy to announce that the blog’s theme was changed to a new one! I sincerely hope that you like this one as much as I do 🙂

Today is the day to upload my 8th work, the last I’ll upload this year. I think the end of this year was good, very good. I learnt many new things and also adopt a method (presented in this blog) that is helping me improve my technique and creativity. Thank you Jad 😉
This work is a retro grunge poster (something like that). Just playing around in Photoshop to learn a little more about this style. The background texture is more like retro pop than retro grunge but I think these two styles aren’t so different at a texture level so there’s no problem on mixing a little of both.

It’s very simple but “Less is More”, as someone once said 🙂

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2010 full of sucess opportunities to you all 😉


Hello guys,

after a few discussions and article reading on DesignInformer:(See it Here) about “bloguing” and tips for a good discussion article, i thought about inserting some more text with notes, opinion and more stuff.

But before, I’ll post my 7th work here and after that I analyse it!
Like always, don’t forget to click on the image to see it detailed. In this one I suggest you really do that…

As you can see, the theme and style aren’t similar to any other work on this blog, and that’s good once I’m presenting changes in this blog, don’t you think?
In this work you can see a nice effect with lights around a street dancer (it looks like a ballet pose but it’s not :P). I also tried to create an effect of surreal clouds on his feet and after that I gave it a nice color (hand brushed).
You see that small shadow? Well it’s one of the errors in the image… The angle isn’t correct. I should had draw it a little bit more angled to follow the light direction (right top of the image).
I think there is no other mistake or error (at least, I didn’t noticed any). If you find, please let me know.
In the box near the dancer you can se the title of the image (Feel The MUSIC). I think I did a good job on the positioning and distortion of this shape.

Please comment. Present your opinion, what would you do to create this effect of what would you change in the image. If you have any critic, please comment and let me know!

Thank you and hope this really change my relation with my readers 🙂
And a particular thanks to Josh from DesignInformer for the article he published related to constructive discussions in Design Communities.

I want to apologize for yesterday’s work. It was really bad and that’s why I made another one with the same concept. I created a fictional companie named bwll (bull with “W” instead of “U”) and improved the style compared to yesterday work.
Here is:

So what? Am I forgiven? 🙂

Hello people,

Today’s work isn’t as good as the others but today wasn’t an inspiration day.. so this really sucks but going to upload anyway… Tomorow I’ll improve this.
Some kind of printed text on a grunge style…

Hello people.
I’m really sorry for missing yesterday’s upload but I was changing computer and for that I couldn’t use any of them to design.
Hope it doesn’t happen again.
Today’s work is completly different from the others. The style changes and the theme changes to. Once christmas has already past I’m starting to do things with different themes.
Click on the image to see full size (required for this work due to detail).

Also see my first upload on GRAPHIC RIVER: Business Card

Hello guys.
Hope you all had a great christmas eve, I had. Just receive a new PC 1TB mem and 6GRAM from “Santa”.
Here is my third work in this challenge, still changing the style but the theme is the same. Probably this is the last work in the Christmas theme. Tomorow I’ll start something different…

Tell me what you think, please.

Today is the day to present my second work. I’m still using the First work theme, however I changed the style 🙂
A christmas decoration icon style… All by myself!
Click on the image to see the full-size!

What do you think?

Hello, As I said before, today I’m showing my first work!
I think that I probably will change a bit the type of art but to start I got a simple work related to Christmas:
Christmas Tree

What do you say, a good start?

Hello everyone!

As you probably already noticed, this blog idea is to show a new design everyday. Simple math: 365 designs per year. However it’s not an original idea, I’m simply following the Smashing Magazine idea: Design Something EveryDay
By the way I want to thank to Jad Limcaco for giving me a method of practice along the year.
I won’t start today, but tomorow I’ll post my first design, of many (I hope). 🙂

Jad I’m up!