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Hello 😀
I hope your last night was awesome! And I wish you a great year 2010 full of happiness and sucess!

Once we are starting a new year, today’s work is a simple, yet cool, “Happy New Year 2010” work 🙂

The style is something like pop art mixed with vexel and vector works 🙂
I used some brushes and shapes to create those effects and the letters were modified by myself to be more “original” 😛 (I guess).

Please, comment and allow a constructive discussion on this blog 🙂
Luís Pereira



  1. Nice bro! how long did it take you to create? I just started my own blog taking a stab at this 365 project, check it out at

    • Thank you for the compliment 🙂
      It took me around 30 minutes to finish it.
      Editing the letters (they aren’t from any font, I picked one and changed it a little) took me about 5 minutes, in the shape edition. Creating the effect (gradient, drop shadow and stroke) took me other 5 minutes.

      Some of the shapes in the background were created by me and took me about 8/10 minutes.
      Then I also used some stock brushes and this step only took me about 3 minutes.

      We are already in 23 minutes. (5+5+10+3=23).
      Accordingly to what I first said, it’s still missing 7 minutes.
      And I spent this positioning everything until perfection, creating and using the background gradient, apply that light effect on the left side of the letters and some other stuff. 🙂

      I’ll check your blog out 😉

  2. Nice work. I like the typography in this work. Good luck with Daily365 project!

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂
      The typography isn’t the original, I changed it a little, but the main effect wasn’t by me. Just some details

  3. Olá Luis! 😀 (vou falar ingles pa todos perceberem e para o caso de alguem querer discutir)

    i loved this work! It has a great style, its simple and soft, like every work should be! 😛
    The only aspects i could change is the lett’s properties… the shadow kinda makes it look different from the rest of the image, so, i guess i would toss the shadow and make it more flat 😀 Making a nice combo with the white shapes would make this work even amazing, in my opinion 😀
    Hope it helps!

    • Thank you so much for the critique and comment!

      I applied the shadow before I did the white shapes and That’s Why I didn’t thought that it would be better without the shadow… You’re tottaly correct, it shouldn’t be so different. Should be flat.

      Should I change it? WHat do you think?

      (Obrigado por comentares em inglês. Pode ser que com sorte alguém discuta isto 😛

  4. (LOL, de nada 😉 )
    Yeah, I think you should change it! It would be certainly more amazing!(repeating myself XD )

  5. Olá,
    Esse ficou muito bom! Acho que o intuito desses exercícios é melhorarmos a cada dia, pelo menos é o que eu estou procurando fazer no blog que eu criei, assim como você, depois de ler no smashing magazine. Se quiser dar uma olhadinha e quiser comentar, fique à vontade também:

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