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Hi guys,

Another photomanipulation. Very simple and using only some techniques (lightning, sparks etc.).


Hello 😀
I hope your last night was awesome! And I wish you a great year 2010 full of happiness and sucess!

Once we are starting a new year, today’s work is a simple, yet cool, “Happy New Year 2010” work 🙂

The style is something like pop art mixed with vexel and vector works 🙂
I used some brushes and shapes to create those effects and the letters were modified by myself to be more “original” 😛 (I guess).

Please, comment and allow a constructive discussion on this blog 🙂
Luís Pereira

Today is the day to present my second work. I’m still using the First work theme, however I changed the style 🙂
A christmas decoration icon style… All by myself!
Click on the image to see the full-size!

What do you think?

Hello, As I said before, today I’m showing my first work!
I think that I probably will change a bit the type of art but to start I got a simple work related to Christmas:
Christmas Tree

What do you say, a good start?